How to revamp your senses?

Our five senses play a pivotal role in our lives. It is through the senses that we perceive the world around us. Senses help us make a haven of memories. It is found that the ability to sense gradually decrease with age. Sharp sense is a sign of good health. If we try considerably, we can maintain the sharpness of our sense organs. We can also prevent their damage too. All five senses are equally important to us. Even a slight damage to one has a great impact on us. But training and good health practices help us to regain the confidence, even after suffering damage to the sense organs. It’s important to give good care to our sense organs as they have a great influence on us.


       It is through our sense of sight that we understand more of the world around us. Eye exercises are a great way to care for the sense of sight. Roll your eyes to give it good exercise. Give good rest to eyes. Eat good food filled with beta- carotene. Often take a long view, at least a 100 feet away. Take care that your eyes don’t dry up. Crying is good indeed. Warm your eyes with Luke warm water often.


         Sense of  smell is another important sense. Try smelling a variety of stuff, this will sharpen your sense of smell. Sniff for a long time. Keep your nose free from cold and other allergies. Keep away from poisonous fumes. Increase your knowledge about the smell of different stuff. Sense of smell and taste are interrelated. Our sense of taste only picks up basic flavours like sweet, salt, sour and bitter. It is through the sense of smell that we differentiate other flavours. Doing physical exercise too can revamp your sense of smell. While doing exercises experience the smell of nature or the world around you. Stop smoking. Add more zinc to your diet. Concentrate on the smelling process when you smell something. For that, try smelling with closed eyes. This will sharpen your sense of smell.


          Sense of sound can be sharpened by listening to music. You have to listen to distinct varieties of music. From the music you should then try to differentiate between sound from different sources. Also, it’s important to protect your ear from loud sounds.


        Sense of taste can be improved by having a mixed diet. Try different tastes and spices. Try tasting different varieties daily. Reduce sugar, salt and chemicals. Eat home made food. Too much sugar, salt, and chemicals will destroy your taste receptors. Keep your tongue clean always. Try tasting different varieties of olive oil to train yourself to distinguish between tastes. Don’t use tobacco products and alcoholics. Say no to smoking too. Some medications can affect all our senses. So take medications only according to the doctor’s prescription. When you eat something, concentrate on your senses. This will improve your sensory analysis.


         Who doesn’t love a soft touch or a hug. So it’s  vital to maintain our sense of touch. Moving in space is good to keep the touch receptors active. So walk, play and run at the maximum. Keep your skin safe from chemicals. Keep it hydrated and moist. Moisturizers are good for this purpose. Massages too are good for sense of touch. Even an exfoliating scrub can do good. Swimming too is good. Be more conscious about what you touch and touch more. Also enjoy being touched.

        All these steps along with a good balanced diet will help you keep your senses keen and perfect with a renewed strength. Let’s do our best to revamp our senses.


Prayer is the best way to calm yourself.

Prayer is the solution to all your problems.

It’s been a way to make your dreams come true.

It’s the only way to find out the answers about life.

When you pray you are becoming one with God.

When you pray the angels bend down to listen to you.

Whatever may be your problem, find time to pray.

Whatever gives you pain, forget the pain through prayer.

Wherever you are keep your connection with God.

Wherever you go, take God along with prayer.

Understand the virtue of prayer at all times.

Understand that God can work miracles.

Know the magical power of prayer.

Know that God loves those who pray to him.

Through prayer find a new meaning to your life.

Through prayer you can find the elixir of life 🙏🙏.

How less enthusiastic we are these days

Enthusiasm is little due to the pandemic

           Lack of enthusiasm is a problem many faces these days. Students and those who work from home are the ones who struggle the most. Others too have reduced social relations, and  the pandemic is threatening all equally. We feel lazy to perform our duties. There are many things to distract us. Pending works, pile up and makes us depressed too. There are many reasons behind this.

The unending pandemic mode

       When the pandemic broke out, we thought we would get out of it soon. But it’s more than a year now, still it keeps own threatening us with a second wave of it. In the beginning we kept on motivating ourselves somehow. Many found the silver lining of time and turned to cooking and other activities. But this unending pandemic mode is really tiring each one of us. Despite our efforts the pandemic keeps spreading. This is a sad fact which takes away our enthusiasm.

Absence of usual motivators

        Before the pandemic broke out, there were many things which kept us motivated. They are now absent due to the restrictions imposed on us and the spreading of virus. Social interactions are little. Many are working from home. Students are at home with their online classes. When we had the freedom of high social interactions, we had many external motivators like recognition, team spirit, a positive environment, etc.. The present horrific situations, even damages our internal motivation.  The world is going through a health  crisis. This slacken our interest for learning,  satisfying curiosity or success. Many functions and celebrations to be held are minimized. There is nothing to keep us motivated.  There is only sad news to be heard. Many are dying due to boredom at home.

Stress and anxiety

        First of all we are anxious about the spread of the pandemic. Then the stress due to financial crisis, job loss and job insecurity. Next we have problems due to low social interactions too. This makes us tensed and draws away all our energy to be productive and enthusiastic. Depression and other mental health disorders are increasing. Suicidal tendency too are found. People feel it hard to keep going amid the global crisis. The fear of catching corona too is no less. What else is needed to take away our enthusiasm?

         It’s high time that we revive ourselves and become more enthusiastic. If we go on in our less enthusiastic way, it’s going to do more harm to us. Yes, the crisis we are facing is exorbitant. And the chances of catching Covid too is high. But at least we are able to find a vaccine for it. Things will settle down and we will be back to normal. So strive hard to be enthusiastic. Understanding our lack of enthusiasm is the first step to shake it off. Second step is to find out other motivators. Thirdly, keep your mind stress free. There is a purpose for us to being into this. So instead of losing enthusiasm soar up with new hopes.


No one exists if there isn’t a father and mother to give birth to them.

They just don’t kick us away after giving birth.

From that day onwards they start a different living.

They keep aside all that they have for their children since then.

They are equal to the Gods.

It’s not possible for them to be with you for the rest of your life.

But they will for sure be with you for the rest of their life.

So at each step of your life do take care to honour and respect them.

Benefits of cooking the pandemic derived

Cooking is a creative art which can benefit a lot. Pandemic gifted us with a lot of cooking benefits. Lockdown, restrictions, and the more time we got paved way for it. Cooking is good for our mind and body. It will help you plan a healthy diet. Cooking is therapeutic. It will make you more social and stress free. Cooking is a satisfying task. It is a basic life skill. Here in this article I would like to discuss about some of the cooking benefits which were derived due to Pandemic.

Many started cooking for themselves which made them healthy

         Many bachelors and other people who didn’t have the habit of cooking started cooking for themselves. Lockdown and restrictions gave them no other options. Also the availability of ready-made foods reduced. People are also afraid of catching the virus. For some it was their first experience of self-cooking. Cooking is never a difficult task nowadays due to the availability of websites and YouTube channels. We can plan the diet with healthy ingredients when we cook for ourselves. This will make us more healthy. Hence many were able to start good eating habits. The amount of food intake too was controlled. Many health deteriorating food items are unavailable due to Pandemic, especially during lockdown. Thus intake of homemade food increased. All these improved our health a lot.

Many learned more about the art of cooking

       Those who knew nothing or a little about the art of cooking got more time to sharpen their cooking skills. Many students and others who work at home started experimenting a wide range of recipes. Many millennials who never got ample time to learn cooking, did learn a lot during this Pandemic. Even those who are veterans in this field could learn more. Many tried baking. Many ready-made food items were tried at home. People learned to cook with staple food items. Cooking thrived even in the midst of scarcity of ingredients. Many learned to perform exhilarating magic in the kitchen. They continued cooking even if the cake burned or rice was overcooked. The parents got relieved of the burden of marrying their daughters who do not know cooking.

Many enjoyed the emotional benefits of cooking

         It was during the pandemic that we closely came to know about the emotional benefits of cooking. The joy of cooking and eating together was further established. The family bonds were strengthened. Many new dishes filled our tables. Cooking gave a relief to our stressed situation. It improved our creativity. Social relations renewed. The repetitive actions we performed during cooking filled our minds with joy. Cooking is a good way to fight depression and other problems of the mind. So cooking during the Pandemic paved way to reduce such problems concerning us. We recognized the therapeutic effect of cooking. Above all it filled our minds with satisfaction. It also boosted our confidence and our ability to perform a task.

          The lesson we learn from this is the need to uphold the habit of cooking for ourselves even after the Pandemic, so that we can enjoy the benefits of cooking a lot in our life. This will improve our physical,  mental, emotional and social well being. Once we begin to experience its benefits, we will keep on cooking. If you still haven’t started cooking for yourself, start it soon. YouTube channels and cooking websites can help you a lot. Cooking classes are available online too. It’s important to teach cooking to our kids too, because they are not going to be with us always.


The Saga Of Chocolates

Christmas is inevitably the season of chocolates. It is the favorite food item of children. Chocolates were there from the beginning of sixteenth century onwards. When in 1502 Christopher Columbus returned after his world travel to Spain he had chocolate with him.

         During AD 1350 Aztec peoples started to use chocolate remarkably. In 1519 Hernan Cortes the ruler of Aztec made tasty chocolate drink from seeds of cocoa tree. Chocolate drinks were popularized in Spain very fast. But how it was made remained a secret confined to Spanish people for about hundred years.

        During the beginning of seventeenth century, when chocolate drinks became popular in France the secret behind the making of chocolate became known to the world. In earlier days French people saw chocolate drinks with a doubt. But later when chocolate got the consent of medical scientists, from 1615 onwards it became the official drink of French courts. During this period chocolate drinks were popular in India too.

       In 1657 when a French man started a shop selling chocolate drinks in London, chocolate became popular in England and other European countries. During those days it required high amounts of money to buy chocolate so chocolate drinks confined to remain as a drink of rich people. In eighteenth century people of England added milk to chocolate and made a sweet drink. Only by 1765 chocolate began to be used in America.

            In 1819 Franko Lui keiler, a man from Switzerland  invented chocolate bar. This invention of keiler popularized chocolate more. During this same period John and Benjamin, the Cadbury brothers started a company and started to do more experiments on chocolate. By 1859 Dutch chemist Coenraad Johannes Van Houten discovered the method of preparing chocolate powder from chocolate liqueur. In 1875 Daniel Peter, a man from Switzerland made the first milk chocolate.

        Chocolate bars became more popular by the world war which took place at the beginning of nineteenth century. The army asked the chocolate companies of America to prepare big chocolate bars for soldiers in the war fields. These chocolate bars were later broken into pieces and then given to soldiers. As this method was not that practical, the heads of the army asked the chocolate companies to make small chocolate bars. It was in this way that chocolates got their present form.

2020 Paves Way For A Different Christmas

This year Christmas is very different compared to other years. Pandemic has changed our life a lot. Now its going to change the way we celebrate Christmas too. Most of the outdoor celebrations are not possible this time. While we are celebrating Christmas we have to make sure that corona virus does not spread. Christmas special stars, cakes and other decorations are available in market now. But their sale is less compared to other years. Many programmes associated with Christmas are absent this year. Even if some are carried out, they must adhere strictly to the Covid protocol. Number of people in gathering is restricted. Many of the traditions cannot be followed in the same spirit it used to be. But people have not said no to Christmas celebrations this year. They are to celebrate Christmas within the limitations as fabulous as possible. In western countries special rules are put forward to prevent the spread of pandemic in the midst of Christmas celebrations. Some countries have tightened the restrictions while others have eased it. In India too there is no ease in the restrictions. But every house is getting ready to welcome baby Jesus in spite of it.

          Many of the big pop celebrations which are part of Christmas every year are not possible this time. People have to stick indoors this time. But its possible for us to make this Christmas more meaningful if we try. We cannot include more members other than our family members and a few others. But we can make this Christmas a memorable one with our loved ones. In some families even the members are separated due to pandemic. In such cases we can use online platforms to keep in touch with them.

         Be very cautious when you go out for Christmas shopping. Do it as early as possible. Don’t wait for the last-minute rush. Which can result in a surge in Covid-19 cases. Try to decorate your house well. DIY kits can help you a bit. Construct a Christmas tree in your garden. Make good and healthy Christmas special food items for you and your family. Arrange Christmas special fun games for your family. Whatever be the restrictions based on Covid -19 try to spread happiness beyond that. Use online platforms to connect with your friends, family and others whom you cannot meet personally. If you try hard you can sometimes make this Christmas the best despite its differences.

           Even though a different Christmas, don’t forget the ideals of Christmas. Let peace be spread transcending the pandemic. Give importance to the values which baby Jesus brought in to the world through his birth. Love, happiness and sharing are the three important values propagated during Christmas. Baby Jesus when he grew up gave away his life to save the world. It was out of love for the world. So love is to be practiced during this season. Baby Jesus brought joy to the world. So lets spread happiness throughout the world during this festive season. Christmas is a festival during which we share a lot of things like gift, chocolates, cakes, etc. So lets share. Only through sharing we can enjoy what we have to it’s full. I really wish from the bottom of my heart, that even though different, let each one of us have a wonderful Christmas this year.


A million dreams pop up in my mind often.
Every day a different one.
Every minute in different forms.
They give me a mental ache.
An ache of how to achieve them.
Its seems that they are not all achievable.
But they soothe the invisible senses.
But leaves behind a pain, when they seem unachievable.
Yet there is a belief within me which says those dreams are possible.
This belief is a relief for the pain, I feel.
Dreams are magical, they have power within them which makes them possible.
In the same form and way they appealed us.
With the same rhythm and fragrance.
Which! can make you a dreamer all the time.

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